Top tips to boost interest in your property

Right now, the housing market is very much in the control of the sellers and has been for over a year at this point.

Whilst signs are pointing to prices lowering slightly, estate agents in Hull have seen a continued influx of buyer demand, as people are raring to relocate or want to find their dream property.

As such, it is a great time to really sell your home and to do that you just need to follow a few simple guidelines.

Nothing Personal

Before you pop the home on the market, give it a deep clean and redecorate in a lighter, neutral style.

This serves two main purposes; loud colours and styles can put some buyers off, and lighter colours, particularly with well-placed mirrors, can help make your rooms look bigger and create a more inviting space.

Try to declutter as much as possible, as well, as it can affect a potential buyer’s perception of the property.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit And Closer Of Sales

There is a truly impeccable art to selling a home to someone, and it is all about presenting your house as passionately but concisely as possible.

Ask your estate agent if they can provide professional photography, and aim for a showroom feel, with lifestyle images that capture what makes your home special the best.

Have A Viewing Plan

When you are in selling mode, it pays to be ready for any eventuality, especially if it involves a short-term viewing.

This can involve little touches such as changing the bedding and duvets to help your rooms look cosier, or ensuring the temperature is just right for the weather.

First impressions are key, and in some cases, they can be made by factors beyond your control. Regardless, the more you prepare, the better set you will be to show your house’s best side.

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