Weird And Wonderful Houses Put Up For Sale

For the most part, houses tend to be fairly standard without too many surprises.

One of the reasons for that is that standard houses for estate agents in Hull are easier to provide a definite valuation, whilst the other concerns mortgage lenders preferring the security of a relatively normal house they can easily sell.

However, that is not to say that weird houses do not ever end up on the market, just looking for the right buyer. Here are some of the most fascinating homes ever sold.

Barnham Windmill

There are few homes quite as quaint as living in an actual, honest-to-goodness windmill, but the windmill in Barnham, West Sussex, that was built in 1829 and traces back to the days of William the Conquerer was transformed into a quaint family home in 2008.

It was converted from a wind-powered mill to an engine-powered one in the 1920s before it became an observation post during the Second World War.

What makes it work is that despite being converted into a rather spacious home, it maintains a lot of the machinery and fittings that made it so special.

The Carnival Home

On the other side of Sussex, there is a converted Turkish bathhouse that has a rather unique and unusual aesthetic, to say the least.

Originally a place of rest and relaxation in Victorian St Leonards-On-Sea, the building has been used as a glass factory, a swimming house and now a bizarre carnivalesque home, with three bathrooms, four double bedrooms and a bowling alley.

It has pop art, pin-ups and light-up clowns decorating the walls and a truly unusual aesthetic that to the right person is worth £1.5m.

An Airport Home

Whilst buying a home with a garage is a necessity for many families, how about a home with an airstrip?

One home in Ingatestone, Essex boasts a three-opening hangar, a 630m registered landing strip for flying small aircraft and two lakes currently let out to a fishing club.

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